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Reacting to the Isomorphic Buzz—Bruce Coddington

24 June 2015

We are excited to announce our seventh of seven speakers, Bruce Coddington!

Photo of Bruce Coddington

Reacting to the Isomorphic Buzz

One of the newest buzz words in web development is ‘isomorphic’ which basically means using the same Javascript on both the server and the client. Facebook’s React framework along with Walmart Lab’s Hapi framework provides us with a mechanism to easily accomplish this with modern development tools. We are going to do a quick dive into finding out what that means for our web applications and how our development thought process has been changed forever… or at least until the next butterfly flies by.


Bruce is an ex-rockstar wannabe that stumbled across web development over a decade ago. He loves writing JavaScript, trying new frameworks, and using other people’s good ideas to make his life easier. When he is not coding, he’s hanging out with his wife and watching their sons play hockey. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer for a small finance company so all of his coding is officially for fun.

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