JavaScript in the Wild

Call for Speakers

15 April 2015

The NebraskaJS Conference—a new event being held at the #1 Zoo in the World—needs speakers! We want you to speak!

Do this: Submit a talk

We're looking for 30-minute talks on front-end development, CSS, JavaScript, tooling and productivity, and more.

If you're outside the Omaha area, we will provide a travel stipend to help pay for your trip and lodging.

Feel free to submit (or revise) until our CFP closes on April 30, 2015.

As a reminder, NEJS CONF will enforce its Code of Conduct for this event—this encompasses everything at or related to NEJS CONF (even communication about the conference): talks, speakers, sponsors, attendees, volunteers, etc. We want this to be an inclusive, safe, and fun event for everyone.

Recommend a Speaker, get $50 Off

We’ve added a new entry to the CFP Form titled “Who referred you?”

If you recommend to someone to submit a talk, have them add your name to their CFP entry. If their talk is selected, you’ll receive a special discount code that’ll give you $50 off your NEJS CONF ticket price!

This is our way of saying thank you for helping us find quality speakers.

Note: If you’ve already submitted your talk—please go back and edit it to add this value!


Any questions? Feel free to reach us at Thanks!

Sold out!
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