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Making NEJS CONF Inclusive and Accessible

10 June 2015

Part of what makes pair programming an attractive and successful way to write code is that the person you're pairing with is just different enough from you to see things from a different perspective. These differing perspectives offer you new insight into software development, reveal different points of view, and result in better code.

That's part of the reason why NEJS CONF is committed to hosting a safe, stimulating, and diverse event. Having a diverse group of attendees and speakers results in more dynamic conversations, questions being asked and answered that you might not have thought of, and ultimately, a richer conference experience.

We are pleased to announce that in partnership with Big Wheel Brigade, NEJS CONF has 10 free tickets available for the under-represented in tech.

If you're a member of a marginalized or under-represented community* and want to attend NEJS CONF, please fill out a form on and Beth Haubert will arrange your ticket.

Coupled with our Code of Conduct, this initiative will help ensure that our conference experience is more interesting, educational, and rewarding.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, but are hesitant to publicly self-identify as belonging to an under-represented group, please be assured that we will receive your request with acceptance and respect, and will keep it confidential.

A very special thanks to Big Wheel Brigade for sponsoring these tickets.

*This includes (but is not limited to) marginalized or under-represented groups defined in terms of gender, sex, sexuality, race, veteran status

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