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High Performance in the Critical Rendering Path—Nicolas Bevacqua

09 June 2015

We are excited to announce our fifth of seven speakers, Nicolas Bevacqua!

Photo of Nicolas Bevacqua

High Performance in the Critical Rendering Path

This talk covers the past, present and future of web application performance when it comes to delivery optimization. I'll start by glancing over what you're already doing -- minifying your static assets, bundling them together, and using progressive enhancement techniques. Then I'll move on to what you should be doing -- optimizing TCP network delivery, inlining critical CSS, deferring font loading and CSS so that you don't block the rendering path, and of course deferring JavaScript. Afterwards we'll look at the future, and what HTTP 2.0 has in store for us, going full circle and letting us forgo hacks of the past like bundling and minification.


Nico is an enthusiastic JavaScript hacker based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When he's not hacking away at freelance projects, or contributing to the open source community as @bevacqua, Nico devotes his time to local communities such as NodeSchool, as well as Beer.js, and writing content for Pony Foo; and he’s published a book, named JavaScript Application Design. Nico is a happy pony, and you can find him as @nzgb on Twitter, because xkcd.

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