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CF Webtools provides coding, development, programming and project management for the support of virtually anything you can think. Our slogan says, “You dream it…we build it.” That is precisely what we do. We’ve designed everything from start-up company projects to building systems for the support of enterprise business apps to providing maintenance services for existing applications. Along with this we also provide strategic long-term IT planning and analysis, scalability assessment, code reviews and best practices consultation and server maintenance and admin.

Our niche skillset is in the use of ColdFusion. Up to 85%, or so, of our work is ColdFusion based. Within our developer pool we also maintain a skillset qualified to work with: MSSQL, HTML, CSS, XHTML, jQuery, JavaScript, JAVA, .NET, AJAX, Flex, Flash, CFC, PhoneGap, OOP, TSQL, Model Glue, JIRA, Farcry, Mura, Eclipse.

Throughout our 15 year history we’ve tended to migrate towards work that includes building complex tools and web applications and the on-going support of such. Web applications meaning we take whatever functionality is needed and create the programming for it and embed it logically behind the scenes to run or, if the user is required to interact with the program, we’ll present it in a “pretty little browser” so it doesn’t look like something out of the 1980s. We also work extensively with intranet, internal management applications and client-facing aps. We support mission-critical code on complex charting applications and extensive database driven programs.

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